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Vocals & Percussion

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Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard & More

    Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Keyboards

      Ron Bates Sr of The Eclectics in Washing

      Ron Bates Sr – Vocals

      Ron has been showcasing his vocal talents throughout the Northwest since the early 70’s.  He originally started with a band, Scenic Root in Monroe, Washington. He showed up to listen to the band and ended up as lead vocalist. Those infamous “Battle of the Bands” carried him in the beginning. 
      From there the nine-piece horn group Seth was born.  They were one of the top horn groups on the Seattle scene.  They played for 4 years all around the country. His flair for singing took him throughout the United States; Washington, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, New York, Montana and Canada.  He eventually was drawn home to his native Northwest.
      Rock & Roll bands were the cornerstone of his career. He has shared the stage with Tower of Power, Ball & Jack, Santana, The Wailers, The Kingsman, Leadfeather, The Coasters and Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers.
      Ron’s love of music and entertainment kept him searching for different venues to continue his passion.  He teamed up with Joe Baque & The New York Trio to present local dinner shows singing sultry classics of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Michael Buble’.  Ron and Joe developed a winning relationship and play duo venues to private and area functions.
      The “twosome” worked well and when Ron’s son asked him to start a band, just the two of them, his answer was a resounding “you betcha!”  The Eclectics were born out of a love of the old and new.  Ron Sr. performs a lot of the old stuff, and Ron Jr. doing a lot of the new stuff. They mix it up a bit with Ron Sr. singing Misery, by Maroon Five and Ron, Jr. singing Play That Funky Music, by Wild Cherry.  They even throw in a few country tunes!  This current gig is his most rewarding.
      He also performs with The Jazz Collective, a popular Northwest jazz group. 
      His powerful singing style and rich voice is apparent in his strong stage presence as lead vocalist, and front man for any venue.

      Ron Bates Sr - Vocals
      Ron Bates Jr of The Eclectics in Washing

      Ron Bates Jr – Vocals & Instrumentals

      Even as a young child music has always been a huge part of my life. Having both mother and father involved in music as vocalists I quickly discovered my talents for singing and musical instruments.
      At age 2 I lost my vision to a deadly rare form of eye cancer and learned to grow up normally alongside my sighted peers.
      As a self-taught blind musician, I tackled music in an alternative way. I began with piano, capturing songs by ear and applying them to the keys. Soon I added vocals to the mix and started writing my own material. I was active in choir and musical events through middle school and high school and after adding acoustic and electric guitar to my skills eventually began creating my own bands. Towards the end of high school, I was performing live shows and trying my hand in the studio.
      When I was 20 my first child also was diagnosed with the same eye cancer that I experienced as a young boy. Fighting for her vision I spent many months in the hospital and saw her through many chemo and laser treatments. After a year of stress and strength, I won the battle this time, assured that she would have normal eyesight.
      I continued on through my early twenties playing numerous clubs and small venue shows guiding my long-term project through many steps working on gaining recognition. There were four demos recorded during these years.
      At age 26 I met my wife and had the amazing opportunity to travel alone to her home country of Norway. Finding the alternate culture interesting especially the music scene, I made the decision to relocate to her country where I immediately began to network with new musicians. I joined a project with four Norwegians as vocalist playing heavy rock and began to play many gigs. For three years the band performed live and eventually recorded a short demo. 
      At age 31 I returned to the states with my wife and family and enrolled in our local colleges I.T. program. I was the first blind student to study this path, and I had to advocate for my self-fighting to make the program accessible. I graduated with my technical degree and taught myself computer recording using speech software to navigate recording applications.
      I soon after entered the local music scene again. Finding an interest in cover material, I began to examine song after song, experiencing new vocal abilities opening up a huge range of possibilities for my voice.
      I entered and won many karaoke and singing competitions using these skills.
      I am now recording my own material and performing at local casinos and clubs while trying to find a vehicle for my original music.
      I have not so far had the opportunity to work with someone in the industry, however, I have strong vocal and music talents, I can consistently write songs and can keep them sounding interesting and unique.
      I also have experience writing songs for other people, providing music tracks, arranging vocals, and writing lyrics.

      Ron Bates Jr - Vocals & Instrumentals
      Craig Foster of The Eclectics in Washing

      Craig Foster - Multi-instrumentalist and Vocalist

      Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Craig Foster began playing classical piano at age 5. He studied music in Boston and was introduced to live performance in a traveling musical troupe from New York City. 
      Craig plays guitar, keyboards, and saxophone in styles ranging from country and rock to blues and jazz. He has performed in clubs, festivals, and concerts around the United States and Canada. 
      Craig also has worked in live musical theater, performed at three Washington Governor’s Inaugural Balls, played with Johnny Cash’s band, plus a Hollywood film.

      Craig Foster - Multi-instrumentalist
      Brian Lilly of The Eclectics in Washingt

      Brian Lilly - Drummer

      Brian Lilly is a Professional Drummer/Musician/Artist
      Playing since age 5, he played his first gig at the early age 10. Brian is a highly sought after studio and freelance Drummer/Musician with extensive recording studio work and stage/concert appearances with countless artist, including Rock 'n' Roll & Blues Hall of Fame inductees to legends in the business, covering many numerous styles and genre's.
      Brian has performed at countless world-famous venues, Touring the Country Side from California's West Coast to Nashville Tennessee, from the South of Texas to the Arctic Circle.

      Brian Lilly - Drummer
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